History of Laurent and Altieri

It started with a strong interest in leather - how it’s processed, preserved and dyed; what distinguishes high quality from poor quality leather. When this developed into a passion, I knew it was something bigger than me. It became a quest for knowledge and the foundation of my company.

The production of high quality leather is not only laborious, but it requires exceptional craftsmanship. Every piece tells a unique story.  The natural scraps and blemishes attest to the authenticity of the work. Your leather handbag is more than an accessory. It carries your burdens and becomes part of your life. Why spend on a bag that will disintegrate with time when you can acquire a family piece? From receiving the hide, slicing the levels of skin to get its full grainy feel and tanning, high quality leather is a work of passion and dedication.


To maintain the quality of your handbag, limit the exposure to sunlight as this can cause fading and permanent damage to the color. Avoid wetting your handbag and never use radiators or air dryers in the event you do. Treat it with a waterproof spray (used lightly and from a distance) before using it again. Contact a professional if concerned.

When storing your handbag, fill it with acid-free tissue paper. Never store leather in plastic as this can drive the growth of mildew. Put it in its dust bag and leave it somewhere dry, away from sunlight. Avoid folding it.

When I met Michel, we shared the same passion for Italian culture, fashion design and leather goods. The synergy between our minds brought us together and this bond grew into a solid friendship of mutual understanding and respect. This ultimately led to the start of Laurent and Altieri, LLC.

We value quality. It is our true motto. We design for the modern spirit looking to have a bag for their adventures, someone who prioritizes quality and wants the perfect complement to their minimalist look. We don’t just import handcrafted leather bags, we create the experience of authentic leather.


Tanning refers to treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather that is more durable and less susceptible to decomposition. There are different ways to tan leather, but the environmentally responsible one is vegetable tanning - which we value here at Laurent & Altieri. It is a rigorous process that require careful inspection and quality assurance.

Many countries manufacture leather, but the Italians have mastered the technique - combining it with handmade craftsmanship, art, style, design and creativity. Their expertise comes from centuries of trial and error studies, practices and acquired knowledge passed down to generations. Italy has been one of the largest producers and international exporters of leather and other high-end luxury goods.