Q & A

Tell me about your brand?

Laurent & Altieri is a blend of luxury and functionality designed for the modern, working woman in New York City. We don’t believe quality and affordability are mutually exclusive, so we provide our leather handbags at a budget-friendly price.

What inspired you?

I have spent a lot of time in Italy and I am continuously impressed with the style of the native women. It exudes elegance, confidence and an embrace of beautiful designs. I wanted to translate that into a fashion accessory that would continue to empower women. I also wanted to create something intimate that would become part of their everyday life. I thought about a young woman forging her own path and looking for affordable, quality pieces that support her along the way. This is how I came to import handbags. 

Why leather handbags?

When well taken care of, leather handbags can stand the test of time. I want to promote durable fashion and invite people to invest in lasting pieces. 
One time in Florence, Italy, I had the chance to shadow local craftsmen while they were making leather handbags. I was touched by their level of knowledge, skills and passion they expressed in their work. These are artists who have dedicated their career to make it easier for people around the world to have access to slow fashion without breaking the bank. I then decided to build a platform for them in the US and further promote the movement. Purchasing a handbag gives back to this community by creating more jobs and shaping the next generation of artisans. 

As a visual person, I have also always had an eye for fashion. I quickly noticed though that buying quality leather bags from high-end designers almost always came at an exorbitant price. I set out to change that with my business.

What makes your brand unique and how does that separate you from your competitors?

I test the quality of each handbag and oversee the entire process in Italy. I go there to touch and feel the leather before allowing for the production of the bags. I think this dedication to quality speaks to our mission and sets our brand apart. 

Also, as a full-time pharmacist, I have the perspective of the working woman in New York City who wants a convenient bag that fits into their budget. One that is practical, stylish and support their dreams. So I created just that.

What does Laurent & Altieri stand for?

It is the combination of me and my partner’s last name. We complement each other well in that I am the analytical, strategic, business driven mind, and Michel brings in the visual and creative component. 

What is your target audience?

I particularly target working women in New York City. The age falls in the 25-50+ range, but essentially, I design for fashion enthusiasts who have a desire for quality and functionality when it comes to one of their most trusted accessories - their handbags. 

Where can we find you? 

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram (@laurentaltieri) and sign up for our newsletter where we share tips and company updates. You can also reach us directly via email at genevieve@laurentaltieri.com