About Us

Laurent & Altieri is an importer of genuine, handcrafted leather bags. Sourced from artisanal craftsmen in Italy, we create sophisticated accessories for the modern working woman who wants a bag that fits all occasions.

Soon after founder Genevieve Laurent started working as a full-time pharmacist, she noticed a void in the fashion industry. She couldn’t find a handbag that fit her needs for practicality, affordability and style. From her experience, quality always came at a high price and she set out to change that. Laurent & Altieri came out of a passion for durable fashion and beautiful designs, and the desire to help other working women find high-quality, functional and stylish bags in the pursuit of their dreams.

Genevieve has spent a lot of time in Florence, Italy where she had the chance to shadow local craftsmen while they were making leather handbags. She was touched by their level of knowledge, skills and passion they expressed in their work. These artists had dedicated their career to make it easier for people around the world to have access to slow fashion without breaking the bank. Genevieve then decided to build a platform for them in the US and further promote the movement. Purchasing a handbag from Laurent & Altieri gives back to this community by creating more jobs and shaping the next generation of artisans.

Together with Michel Altieri, Genevieve launched her handbag business and started importing Italian leather goods. Michel Altieri is a true force of nature. A French-Italian actor, singer and musician, he performs in musical theatre, film and TV in Italy and New York City. His knowledge of the luxury market, eye for interior design and taste for high-end fashion perfectly complement Genevieve’s analytic, strategic and business-driven nature.

From shoulder to smaller crossbody bags to clutches, Laurent & Altieri designs accessories that transition effortlessly from day to night, season to season, uptown to downtown. The collections are a blend of sophistication, fun and function for the chic city woman.


The production of high quality leather is not only laborious, but it requires exceptional craftsmanship. Every piece tells a unique story.  High quality leather is a work of passion and dedication, beginning with receiving the hide, slicing the levels of skin to get its full grainy feel and tanning.  The natural scraps and blemishes attest to the authenticity of the work. Your leather handbag is more than an accessory. It carries your most intimate pieces and becomes part of your everyday life. 


To maintain the quality of your handbag, limit the exposure to sunlight as this can cause fading and permanent color damage. Avoid wetting your handbag and never use radiators or air dryers in the event that you do. Treat the bag with a waterproof spray (used lightly and from a distance) before using it again. 
When storing your handbag, fill it with acid-free tissue paper. Never store leather in plastic as this can result in mildew. Place the bag in its dust bag and leave it somewhere dry, away from sunlight. Avoid folding it.

We value quality. It is our true motto. We design for the modern spirit looking to have a bag for their adventures, someone who prioritizes quality and wants the perfect complement to their everyday style. We don’t just import handcrafted leather bags, we revive the experience of authentic leather.